17 Items You Forget to Pack for Vacation

Vacation is an escape from stress. Packing for vacation is not. Even when you think you’ve got everything you need, chances are one of these items that should be in your bags isn’t.

Of course, there are ways around this. You can (and should) make a list of essentials to check off as you’re packing. Determine which items are necessary and consider your luggage space. Our goal for this blog is to function as a foundation for your packing list by going over some of the most common items people forget to pack for vacation.

Phone Chargers

Even if your goal for vacation is to unplug, you’re still going to need your cell phone. As such, make sure your phone charger finds a way into your bag! Empty batteries can ruin anyone’s beach day.


Speaking of ruining a beach day, sunburns can keep you sidelined for days. Protect your skin on vacation and pack the sunscreen!

Toothbrush & Toothpaste

Watson’s rental homes may come fully furnished, but you’re not going to find a spare toothbrush in the bathroom. It may be helpful to stop a drug store and grab a cheap toothbrush and a travel-size tube of toothpaste to keep your teeth clean on vacation.

Laundry Bag

Keep your dirty clothes separate from the clean ones in your luggage with a laundry bag. It makes unpacking a lot easier, too!


Nobody wants to spend their vacation squinting, nor do you want to drop money on a cheap pair of sunglasses at the convenience store. If you can’t keep them on you, pack your sunglasses carefully so you don’t arrive with a broken pair of shades.

Lip Balm

Moisturized lips are comfortable lips. Pack a tube or two of lip balm to protect your lips!


Maybe it’s the excitement of going on vacation. Maybe it’s the stress of traveling. Whatever the cause, travel hunger is real. Don’t wait to get where you’re going and overpay for a bag of chips; stock up before your trip and buy in bulk.

Memory Card

Bring a spare memory card or two so you don’t miss out on potentially once-in-a-lifetime photos or videos!


Muscle aches and other annoying sores are still a reality on vacation. Pack some painkillers and be ready for any pain that tries to put a damper on your getaway!

Hand Sanitizer

You’re in a new place around new people; that means you’re around new germs, too! Decrease your chances of catching a travel bug with a bottle of hand sanitizer.


Do you really want to be the person who’s struggling to hold their pants up all trip? If your travel outfit consists of more than just gym shorts or other comfy pants without belt loops, don’t forget to roll it up and tuck it away in your bag.


If you’re going to a place with a beach, chances are this is the first thing you’ll pack. But if you’re not, it’s still not a bad idea to pack it anyway. You never know when you might encounter a pool!


Even if you’ve checked the weather – and especially if you haven’t – an umbrella is never a bad thing to have on vacation.


A jacket might seem unnecessary if you’re vacationing in the summer, but like your mother always told you: better safe than sorry.

Glasses & Contacts

Ideally, you’ll be wearing these during your travels so you won’t have to worry about packing them. But don’t forget items like cases or contact solution!

Stain Remover

If you’re only packing a few outfits, stain remover is doubly important. All it takes is one bad stain to remove an outfit from your luggage.  


You never know which places might be cash-only during your travels. On top of that, it’s not worth risking your account security by using your debit card at an ATM in a new place. Cash is always a safe bet.

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